Branding Assets

A brand isn't just a corporate logo or a tagline;
our brand is our business


Logo Usage

Acceptable Usage
Our logo is more than our signature; it is a stamp of approval. Every usage builds brand equity, so the rules must be followed when placing our logo on a document, presentation, email or other materials. We must respect the Autotask logo’s space and color requirements to maintain the integrity of the brand we are building.
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This is how you write it.
There is NO capital T, in Autotask.

Knocked Out - White

Knocked Out - Black

Clear Space
To ensure the Autotask logo always appears clearly and properly, set a minimum clear space equal to the height of the last letter “K” on all sides.

For use in email signatures and social media applications.

Corporate Templates

Please use our corporate templates provided below when creating Autotask documents and presentations.

Autotask PowerPoint Template
Download our Autotask branded template to use in creating presentations. In the template there are several different master slide options for the title, section dividers, presenters and body along with some specialty slides to choose from. Presentation is created in a 4:3 ratio format. The font used is Arial to allow use on any computer.
Download PPT

Autotask Word Doc Template
We have put together a branded template to be used for creating internal and external Autotask Documents. In this template you can find a title page, table of contents and a writing sample to help guide you in creating documents. The font used is Arial and we have set up styles to make it easier to follow our guidelines.
Download Word Doc


Primary Colors

Corporate Blue
Pantone 295C

c100 m57 y0 k40
r0 g69 b124
Hex #00457c
Corporate Red
Pantone 186C

c0 m100 y81 k4
r229 g25 b55
Hex #e51937
Light Blue
c71 m38 y0 k0
r81 g139 b201
Hex #518bc9
c6 m4 y4 k0
r229 g235 b237
Hex #e5ebed
c0 m0 y0 k0 k40
r255 g255 b255
Hex #ffffff

Supporting Colors

Medium Blue
c72 m41 y0 k30
r55 g101 b151
Hex #376597
Deep Red
c29 m100 y87 k33
r134 g22 b36
Hex #861624
Medium Red
c24 m100 y87 k18
r164 g30 b45
Hex #a41e2d
Text Grey

c0 m0 y0 k80
Text Grey

r79 g79 b79
Hex #4f4f4f


Primary Font: Trade Gothic
Preferred for all corporate materials, limited to these weights:

Alternate Font: Arial
Limited usage, only for universally edited materials including Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, Email and Web:

The following shows correct usage of the Trade Gothic font weights:

Short Headlines - Write in all caps
Long Headlines - Write In Initial Caps

Copy for buttons should always be caps and use Trade Gothic Condensed No. 18 font. See example:
Button Example

Design Elements

Any visual element that we create must stay true to our brand. Even the smallest PowerPoint graphic should be consistent with the personality, colors and tone of Autotask. With attention to our Autotask personality, graphics are clear, sophisticated and intelligent. Be judicial with color and avoid embellishment. Remove any unnecessary information when creating icons, charts or infographics.

Icons should have a universal feel that is clean, flat and simple. Icons can be colored using the Autotask color palette, but limited to only one or two colors per icon.


Ways to Make Your Videos Better!

1. Get a good camera
Crisp video and clean sound is one of the easiest ways to make sure your vlog is better than 90% of what’s out there. Make sure you place the camera on a tripod, eye level, for best results.

2. Find a quiet location
It's best to use a clean, quiet room without a distracting background. Avoid filming outdoors since the background noise can be distracting. Avoid wearing stripes or bold patterns.

3. Make Sure We can see you
It is best to use indoor light for your vlogs. However, if using a natural light as your source (i.e., office window), make sure that the source isn’t brighter than your interior lights…this will create a “blown out” white area from outside, and most likely put the subject in silhouette. If you have a video camera that has white balance (automatic is fine), use that to avoid an overly “orange” look to your video.

4. Get rid of extra headroom & don’t look down on your audience
You should frame up a medium shot, from the chest up. Also make sure that you’re close enough to the camera for your viewers to see your facial expressions and hear you clearly. It is very important; with any camera you use, to place the it at eye level for a more natural/less distracting framing. Tip: placing the camera “very slightly” higher than eye level, gives a more flattering look.

5. Use a script
The best video blogs out there may look unscripted, but they’re not. Writing out what you’re going to say before you say it will save you a lot of time. You don’t have to follow your script verbatim, but use it as a blueprint to make sure you’re not forgetting any important points.

6. Relax
Be yourself and speak to your viewers as if you’re talking to a good friend. Just don’t talk too fast. Most viewers won’t bother rewinding if you’ve sped through some important information. Remember that you can edit to make your video shorter, but not longer.

7. Keep it short
Make sure your video gets right to the point. Numerous marketing studies have shown that most people will stop watching a video after 30 seconds if it hasn't grabbed their attention by then. Open with a call to action or summary of what you’re going to talk about, then hit each point clearly and concisely. Under 2 minutes is ideal.

8. Using additional graphic and media elements
Please do not include any headings or calls to action as we have our videographer apply our standard templates. Intercutting images will make your vlog more visually interesting and we can help! If you have an idea to intercut a screen shot or other media (camtasia, additional video, etc) and please forward that file to us so that to us so we can incorporate them using our standards and technology for best resolution.