Autotask Business Management Platform Fully Integrated With Servoyant

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22. September 2011
EAST GREENBUSH, NY - Autotask Corporation, the world’s leading provider of hosted IT business management software, today announced that it is now fully integrated with Servoyant software from Servoyant, LLC, a leading SaaS provider of IT Management software solutions which offer simplified monitoring, management, proactive automation and analytics to help users prevent problems and keep client systems running smoothly.  The integration streamlines and automates asset gathering, service ticketing management, account administration, system troubleshooting and makes it easier for managed services providers (MSPs) to keep clients’ network systems running smoothly.

“We are excited to have created such a powerful integration with Servoyant’s intuitive IT monitoring and management services,” said Kevin Donovan, Autotask Senior Vice President of Global Sales and Services.  “We’re committed to ensuring that Autotask supports integrations with the broadest array of industry-leading tools so that our users can select and implement the solutions that best meet their clients’ needs.”

In addition to simplifying and automating workflow, the Autotask Servoyant integration is bi-directional.  Asset information retrieved via Servoyant’s automated discovery is fully synchronized with Autotask configuration Items, including user defined field mappings.  Service tickets are automatically created in Autotask from alerts generated from Servoyant’s flexible resolution profiles, or can be created manually, directly from Servoyant.  Ticket status information from Autotask flows directly into Servoyant to ensure consistent and reliable workflow between alerts and tickets, and ticket data is instantly available in Servoyant’s reporting suite – including incident response and resolution time – to ensure superior user-monitoring practices and real-time analysis.
“Integration with leading providers of complementary products like Autotask is key to our strategy at Servoyant,” said Enrique Krajmalnik, Co-Founder and CEO of Servoyant. “The implementation is simple to use yet feature-rich.  It provides users of the two platforms a consolidated workflow that results in business process efficiencies and better customer service.”

“We continue to look for the best technologies to help our franchisees run their business and support their customer’s Managed Services,” said Chip Reaves, CEO of Computer Troubleshooters USA, Inc.   “The integration of Autotask and Servoyant is a great example of how we’re able to offer best practices.  We can now provide Computer Troubleshooters a streamlined way to resolve customer issues before they become problematic, while maintaining the proper documentation of incident to ticket to resolution so we can continue to prove our value to the customers.”

About Servoyant
Servoyant provides easy-to-deploy, intuitive, cost-effective cloud-based tools for efficient monitoring and management of heterogeneous technology infrastructures and devices. In 1998, the team behind Servoyant began providing remote monitoring and management services to enterprises. As the business grew and higher demand for MSP services increased, the scope of Servoyant grew into a full monitoring, management, automation, and reporting platform. After successfully introducing Servoyant to other service providers, the team decided to commercially launch Servoyant in 2010.

Über Autotask
Die Autotask Corporation bietet mit ihrer gleichnamigen Software die weltweit führende cloudbasierte Plattform für Business Management speziell für IT-Dienstleister. Der „Smart IT“-Ansatz von Autotask verhilft Unternehmen zu einem zielgerichteten Einsatz von IT-Technologie, um die besten Ergebnisse für ihre Kunden zu erzielen. Die Autotask Software ermöglicht die Steigerung betrieblicher Effizienz, die volle Kontrolle über abrechenbare Leistungen sowie den Zugang zu Unternehmenskennzahlen, um geschäftskritische Entscheidungen voranzutreiben. Mithilfe von integrierten Best Practices und automatisierten Workflows beschleunigt Autotask Umsatzpotenziale und verbessert kontinuierlich die geleisteten Services. Autotask ist in sieben Sprachen verfügbar und wird gegenwärtig in mehr als 90 Ländern eingesetzt. Mit Hauptsitz in New York betreibt Autotask weitere Niederlassungen in Chicago, Los Angeles, Dallas, München, London, Peking und Sydney.