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Join Ryan Goodman, President of ConnectBooster, to hear true life stories of three MSPs who leveraged “CB Best Practices” to improve their cash flow, clean up their receivables report, and automate their billing processes to save time and money.
See what’s new and what’s coming in Autotask Endpoint Management. We are excited to share the latest released functionality for our unified RMM & PSA platform.
2016 was a stellar year for malware, and the trends show no signs of slowing down in 2017. Join us as we highlight the nastiest cybercriminal activity of last year. In this interactive webinar, Tyler Moffitt, Senior Threat Research Analyst at Webroot, will present the nominees for “Malware of the Year,” and provide expert insights into the latest news in cybercrime. Len DiCostanzo, SVP of Channel Development at Autotask, will join to inform you about the tools you need to protect your clients from cybercrime and malware.
Your clients need an endpoint backup solution they can trust. Autotask Endpoint Backup is a cloud based file backup managed service designed to support business continuity for your clients while giving you peace of mind, with the opportunity to increase your revenue while doing it.
Enterprise grade backup solutions are growing amongst businesses and are not just a trend, they are here to stay. You can fill a critical business requirement and close security gaps for clients with a world class cloud based backup managed service, Autotask Endpoint Backup (AEB).
The Autotask Endpoint Backup (AEB) Partner Program is designed to help IT Service Providers (ITSPs), Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) profit from the endpoint backup market opportunity. Autotask wants you to succeed and, through our partner program, provides the resources needed you need to get started quickly selling AEB into your client base, and to prospects.
There’s a lot of noise about measurement, accountability and using data to make better decisions. In this guide, we’re cutting through the noise and identifying the 10 most important key performance indicators (KPIs), you should be tracking in your IT Services Business to prioritize and achieve business objectives and impact business growth and profitability.
In this webinar, Joe Rourke, Director of Product Management at Autotask will guide you through the 10 KPIs we recommend you track in your IT Service Provider business and how to leverage Autotask to help you do so.
Join Terry Hedden, CEO of Marketopia and Autotask’s SVP of Channel Development, Len DiCostanzo, for this insightful webinar on unveiling proven techniques to help ITSPs close more managed services deals and earn higher margins while doing it.
Are you tired of the question “It’s all working, why am I paying you?” Showing your customer value when you aren’t physically present can become an issue. Join Mark Shaw, President of Stored Tech Solutions as he reveals how his team evolved from reports to action. Learn how account management meetings shouldn’t just transform the way you work with clients, it should transform the way you work.
Do you struggle with knowing how to kick start your sales engine? Join Terry Hedden, CEO of Marketopia and Autotask’s Channel Development Marketing Manager, Caroline Chapin, for this insightful webinar on unveiling the Secrets to help ITSPs close more managed services leads and win new business.
Cohn Consulting decided to move their managed service offering for File Sync & Share (FSS) from an on-prem product to the cloud. Problem was, their old solution didn’t allow them to port the data. An evaluation of competitive solutions led them to Autotask.
We are pleased to announce this exciting new update to Autotask Workplace™ (AWP), Autotask’s enterprise File Sync & Share solution, formerly known as Soonr. Please join Evan Welch, AWP Product Manager, who will provide a detailed overview of the latest release.
machineLOGIC, an award winning Denver area MSP prides itself as a proactive, strategic partner to its SMB clients. When RMM reporting revealed that client employees were deploying File Sync & Share (FSS) solutions outside the purview of IT; machineLOGIC took action to address this security gap.
Valiant Technology is an MSP providing technology services and support to the creative industry in New York City. Thomas Clancy, President, said “With Autotask PSA and Autotask Endpoint Management (AEM) bound together tightly we have a much better level of command with what’s happening within our customer's’ environments. We are able to closely monitor contract compliance and be proactive in our customer outreach and service delivery offerings.”
Please join Moshe Binyamin, Director of Product Management, who will provide a detailed review of Autotask Workplace. Mr. Binyamin will highlight the latest enhancements of AWP that not only improved the end user experience, but also streamlines capabilities for our partners to better deploy, manage and support their end clients. Caroline Chapin, Channel Marketing Manager, will also share recent enhancements made to the AWP Partner Program including new sections in the partner playbook and new tools in the partner toolkit, all designed to help you drive leads and win new business!
Leading global MSPs—Wessex Networks, Base2, Valiant Technology and Technology Services Group—share how unifying PSA and AEM results in impressive ROI for their businesses.
Please join Moshe Binyamin, Director of Product Management, who will provide a detailed overview of our newly enhanced solution. You will also hear from Len DiCostanzo, SVP Business Development, to learn how these AWP product enhancements can help you drive new leads for AWP and win new business!
Discover how two different IT service providers; a 10-user U.S. and a 250-user U.K. MSP achieved consistent improvements in productivity, response times, and retention using Autotask’s unified platform in place of their previous RMM system.
TechGuru is a Minneapolis, MN based MSP focused on educating and empowering their clients to make sound business and technology decisions. Micah Thor, President, TechGuru, said “In the 90 days after using the unified platform between PSA and RMM, we saved almost a full work week of labor. A tremendous return on investment for us and we certainly could never go back”.