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Aabyss, providing managed services and IT consulting to businesses throughout the UK., needed a simple and insightful PSA solution. That’s why Aabyss selected Autotask.
MSPs around the globe trust in Autotask’s Partner Program to arm their businesses with the tools to secure clients’ data and backup endpoints in the cloud.
A full-system backup protects back-office systems and provides a recovery option for unknown threats and even the most catastrophic failures. Learn how Autotask Endpoint Management and Autotask Endpoint Backup fits into a complete backup and recovery strategy.
Roger Harry, Owner and CEO said, “There is no level of integration like what you get with Autotask PSA and Autotask Endpoint Management. In fact, it’s beyond integration, totally unified and we don’t even think of it as two separate things in our business, it’s just Autotask.”
President of ZLan Partners said, “Our customers were looking for a file server replacement, and they wanted enterprise-class qualities in a product, and Autotask Workplace really gave us the ability to give them the security that they need.”
Brian Weiss, Owner and CEO said, “We came from a home-grown PSA solution that we had outgrown and we didn’t want to reinvent the wheel. Autotask PSA and Autotask Endpoint Management integrate well and they have dashboards, which is exactly what we were looking for in an automated solution.”
A&R Solutions was already using Autotask Endpoint Management (RMM) and when it was time to evaluate a new PSA solution the fact that Autotask PSA-RMM is fully unified especially at the ticket was very compelling.
COO, Abby Warner said, “We meet with customers on a monthly or quarterly basis, and we print out our dashboards and go through different metrics that are important to that customer, and it’s such an easy conversation to have because the data is right there.”
Daniel Johnson, President and Owner said, “One of the key pieces for our use of Autotask is to have that unified platform and a single vendor that we can develop a deep relationship with.”
Moshe Binyamin will review and demonstrate the new capabilities that are planned for the upcoming release of Autotask Workplace and Autotask Endpoint Backup. Also Caroline Chapin will talk about our new partner marketing and sales enablement program called PipelinePRO by Autotask and Mindmatrix.
PipelinePRO is a robust marketing and sales enablement program built by Autotask and MindMatrix, exclusively for Autotask Workplace (AWP) and Endpoint Backup (AEB) partners.
We’re excited to introduce you to our all new ticket interface for Autotask PSA. To help you understand what’s so great about it, we’ve put together a 5-part video series to cover the top capabilities. This is the first video in our series.
This is the final video in our 5-part series introducing you to our all new PSA ticket interface.
We’ve better organized the ticket to give you the important information you need in just one click.
This is the third video in our 5-part series introducing you to our all new PSA ticket interface.
This is the second video in our 5-part series introducing you to our all new PSA ticket interface.
For 4 years Autotask has been surveying IT Service Providers about what’s impacting their businesses and driving revenue. The 2017 IT Service Provider Benchmarking Study is now available and includes responses from more than 1,000 IT Service Providers in the United States and Europe.
With cyberattacks and ransomware threats at an all-time high, there is more reason than ever for IT service providers to proactively plan how to respond and recover clients’ data.
Following in the footsteps of our previously released Service, Sales and Client dashboards we are excited to present a new tool specifically targeted towards your financials. Grab a cup of coffee and take 30 minutes with Director of Product Management, Joe Rourke as he discusses the thought process behind the new & gives a live demonstration.
With 3 offices across the UK, Managed 24/7 provides innovative best of breed technical solutions and predictive managed network services to leading commercial and educational organizations. CEO and Founder, John Pepper said, “We save 1 hour per day, per employee using Autotask."