Ability to Identify Trends Leads to Positive Business Changes

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Working with Autotask’s professional services team through the Smart Step Program gave us a new understanding of the system and how to use it to its fullest potential. It has been a catalyst for positive change in our organization. In the period of a few short days, we were able to make actionable improvements across our operations.
Geoff Graves, Director of Project Management

Geoff Graves, Director of Project Management, Bedroc said, "We have begun to embrace a metrics-driven decision making process, that matches the growing complexity of our organization. We needed Autotask’s help to:

  • Clean up and simplify our Autotask configuration
  • Understand Autotask reporting and its capabilities
  • Automate the creation of decision making reports

The Smart Step Program helped us maximize our investment in Autotask and move the business forward with fact-based, informed decision making."