Freeing Minds - Releasing Your Wasted Potential

Organizational waste and lack of productivity is more than a nagging workplace condition, it’s an epidemic that is undermining your businesses. IDC puts wasted time at a cost of $19,732 per information employee per year, a loss of 21.3% in organization's total productivity.

To succeed in today’s commercial landscape, we must look for new ways to reduce this waste. How do you effectively reduce waste in an organization? How do you create a sustainable infrastructure to stay ahead of the competition?

Join efficiency expert Chris Day, CEO, IT Glue, and Len DiCostanzo, SVP Channel Development, Autotask talk about the sources of waste in your MSP, and the ways in which you can solve this challenge.

Join to learn:
  • Improving Internal Operational Efficiency
  • Speeding up the Resolution Time for Your Technicians
  • The Characteristics of an Efficient Company
  • External Values to Keep Your Customers
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