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“Autotask allows us to capture more hours and manage our accounts better. It enables us to do professional asset management.”
“We were able to take advantage of the great training resources online during our implementation, which made our deployment quick and easy. We deployed to 4,000 endpoints in a single day."
StoredTech assists businesses with everything from telephone systems, to telephone and computer networks, to cabling, to video surveillance, to consulting and network design. Mark Shaw, President, StoredTech Solutions Inc., said, “In my role, it’s critical for me to have an understanding of what’s happening across the entire organization. I’m able to look at customer surveys, performance, utilization, client tickets, incidents and the sales pipeline.”
Empact IT is a MSP focused on SMBs across Texas providing support for their networks and defining their analytic processes. Donnie Gerault, President, Empact IT, said, “We look at Autotask dashboards all day, every day. They are everywhere in our offices. We are able to see real-time ticket counts, real-time ticket closures, what percentage of time it takes to close tickets and then how quickly can we escalate. These are important performance metrics for us. They help us keep track of day-to-day operations and hit our goals more effectively.”
ISI EXPERT is a Paris-based IT Solutions Provider specializing in outsourcing and infrastructure throughout France. The company is a Microsoft VMware Gold Partner and provides technical support and full maintenance of their IT fleet.
Arrowsoft, an IT services company, provides IT services in the form of equipment, software and maintenance to providers. The company’s main focus is on the Bordeaux region and the entire Aquitaine Midi-Pyrénées.
Accel Computer Service is a services-based systems integrator and support provider in Belgium. It offers a broad range of services including IT solution design, implementation and support.
A Managed Service Provider based in Belgium, Cheops provides IT services, including cloud services, to help SMEs and large companies build, optimize and manage their IT infrastructure.
Southern IT Networks Ltd. specializes in providing IT solutions, VoIP Telephony, Support and Microsoft Office 365 Cloud solutions for businesses in the South East of England.
Vermont Systems Ltd. provides a wide range of IT consulting, cloud computing, hosted exchange, computer support and network services to businesses in the Hampshire, Dorset, West Sussex and Surrey areas of the UK.
“Autotask Endpoint Management has a very light touch interface which is really useful for our administration teams as it gives them a simple way to search for and remotely take over customers’ machines. It also provides a more in depth, web-based interface that our technicians use to set up software deployments, automate monitoring of tasks and schedule alerts to deal with the more technical aspects of the software.”
“With Autotask we have more control over our operations, which has led to more efficiency and accountability.” - Nathalie Deen, Service Delivery Manager
“We’ve already seen dramatic improvements to productivity. Autotask is going to completely transform our billing process and the entire customer experience.” -Tim Walker, Managing Director
Synoptek provides information technology management services and support to organizations worldwide. Martin Liberal, Senior Consultant/Project Manager, said, “We have been using Autotask for five years. During that time, we have grown from 40 employees to 220 and have made several acquisitions. We’ve been able to leverage Autotask every step of the way to effectively manage our growth at every stage in the business. We see a lot of value out of our investment in Autotask.”
Platte Rivers Networks is an IT Service Provider offering technology and IT support to small and medium sized businesses across Colorado. Autotask is critical to the business. Sam Hickler, Vice President, Operations, said, “Autotask is the central point of all information in our business. We use it for every part of our business process from prospecting and sales to onboarding and managing client support.”
For more than 35 years, Champion Solutions Group, an IT solutions provider and professional services organization has been selling hardware, software and services to small-medium sized businesses.
“Autotask RMM is so easy to deploy and provides the detailed system information we need to effectively and efficiently support our 200 customers.” - Sean Arbeznik, President and Founder,TCC Technology Solutions
“Autotask is our 11th employee. It saves us more than $50,000 a year, at least, because of what it does automatically for us.” - Daniel Moshe, CEO, Tech Guru
Kristian Wright, Managing Director, said, “Our customer satisfaction levels have increased by 25% year on year which we track annually through the survey tool. As a result, we’ve seen our turnover increase three-fold in the last three years since we’ve be
Desiré Cilliers, Service Manager said, “We’re now logging 60% more calls. As well as increasing our revenue, and we are providing more detailed reports for our customers which shows just how much work we are doing for them.”