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With 3 offices across the UK, Managed 24/7 provides innovative best of breed technical solutions and predictive managed network services to leading commercial and educational organizations. CEO and Founder, John Pepper said, “We save 1 hour per day, per employee using Autotask."
Based in the Netherlands, Wanbound has been providing IT services to growing companies across the region. Wayne Wilson, Founder said, “The unified approach being able to have our entire team see tickets and eliminate switching back and forth between systems has helped us save 2 hours per day, per employee."
Cohn Consulting decided to move their managed service offering for File Sync & Share (FSS) from an on-prem product to the cloud. Problem was, their old solution didn’t allow them to port the data. An evaluation of competitive solutions led them to Autotask.
machineLOGIC, an award winning Denver area MSP prides itself as a proactive, strategic partner to its SMB clients. When RMM reporting revealed that client employees were deploying File Sync & Share (FSS) solutions outside the purview of IT; machineLOGIC took action to address this security gap.
Valiant Technology is an MSP providing technology services and support to the creative industry in New York City. Thomas Clancy, President, said “With Autotask PSA and Autotask Endpoint Management (AEM) bound together tightly we have a much better level of command with what’s happening within our customer's’ environments. We are able to closely monitor contract compliance and be proactive in our customer outreach and service delivery offerings.”
Leading global MSPs—Wessex Networks, Base2, Valiant Technology and Technology Services Group—share how unifying PSA and AEM results in impressive ROI for their businesses.
TechGuru is a Minneapolis, MN based MSP focused on educating and empowering their clients to make sound business and technology decisions. Micah Thor, President, TechGuru, said “In the 90 days after using the unified platform between PSA and RMM, we saved almost a full work week of labor. A tremendous return on investment for us and we certainly could never go back”.
The Smart Step Program helped us maximize our investment in Autotask and move the business forward with fact-based, informed decision making.
Absolute Computing Solutions provides IT services to businesses in and around Tallahassee. Mark Stroud, Managing Partner and Vice President Operations, Absolute Computing Solutions, said, “We did the Smart Step program remotely and it allowed us to be up and running in less than three weeks. Using Autotask is helping us move into a new realm of IT services.”
“Autotask has given us the ability to scale our business. Using Autotask has allowed us to put the processes we need in place to significantly grow the business.”
“Autotask gives us a complete, accurate picture of the business. It has enabled us to step back and work on the business and its growth instead of in the business in reactionary mode.”
“Having the ability to survey our clients and capture real-time feedback has improved our client management efforts immensely.”
“Autotask allows us to capture more hours and manage our accounts better. It enables us to do professional asset management.”
“We were able to take advantage of the great training resources online during our implementation, which made our deployment quick and easy. We deployed to 4,000 endpoints in a single day."
StoredTech assists businesses with everything from telephone systems, to telephone and computer networks, to cabling, to video surveillance, to consulting and network design. Mark Shaw, President, StoredTech Solutions Inc., said, “In my role, it’s critical for me to have an understanding of what’s happening across the entire organization. I’m able to look at customer surveys, performance, utilization, client tickets, incidents and the sales pipeline.”
Empact IT is a MSP focused on SMBs across Texas providing support for their networks and defining their analytic processes. Donnie Gerault, President, Empact IT, said, “We look at Autotask dashboards all day, every day. They are everywhere in our offices. We are able to see real-time ticket counts, real-time ticket closures, what percentage of time it takes to close tickets and then how quickly can we escalate. These are important performance metrics for us. They help us keep track of day-to-day operations and hit our goals more effectively.”
ISI EXPERT is a Paris-based IT Solutions Provider specializing in outsourcing and infrastructure throughout France. The company is a Microsoft VMware Gold Partner and provides technical support and full maintenance of their IT fleet.
Arrowsoft, an IT services company, provides IT services in the form of equipment, software and maintenance to providers. The company’s main focus is on the Bordeaux region and the entire Aquitaine Midi-Pyrénées.
Accel Computer Service is a services-based systems integrator and support provider in Belgium. It offers a broad range of services including IT solution design, implementation and support.
A Managed Service Provider based in Belgium, Cheops provides IT services, including cloud services, to help SMEs and large companies build, optimize and manage their IT infrastructure.