August 26, 2013

Can the IT Department Become a Profit Center?

IT ManagementTo me, the question about whether or not IT departments should be transformed into profit centers misses the mark. Specifically, I believe it misses the broader goal – ensuring IT is tuned in and focused on maximizing your organization’s success. The profit center approach may work in very specific cases, but for most, it likely creates more problems than it solves.

The reality is, expectations of technology have changed, and therefore, so too has the way IT’s success is measured (we can look to edge applications, cloud, mobility, big data and social media as some of the drivers of that change). Technology is less expensive, more powerful and easier to deploy than it’s ever been, and, if it doesn’t produce the results you need, you replace it. For most businesses today, technology has become a critical strategic resource – and IT is uniquely positioned to drive the needed innovation and growth.

For more on this topic – and what IT departments can do to contribute to a business’s overall success – check out my recent WIRED Innovation’s Insights article here.

Authored by: Autotask President and CEO Mark Cattini