NuvoSync for Autotask

Network Security Email Services & Protection

Nuvotera provides a unified management platform for MSPs built upon proven technology, customized systems integration and unparalleled customer service. Nuvotera offers a comprehensive security portfolio with integrated platform management to protect confidential data, secure desktops and ensure compliance.

Integration Features

NuvoSync provides seamless customer management for Nuvotera cloud solutions in Autotask. Nuvotera partners can create a customized data sync schedule to quickly update and manage customer accounts in Autotask. Flexible Product Mapping allows administrators the ability to match Nuvotera solutions with existing Autotask product names, cutting down on countless hours of mapping and interpretation. Unique configurations allow admins to further customize the setup and products within customer groups.

  • Customizable synchronization schedule and account configurations
  • Log file notification system
  • Flexible product mapping