Recursyv - Seamless Dynamics 365 Integration

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Connect Autotask to Dynamics 365 using this templated Seamless integration. The integration allows you to keep Company and Customer information synchronised between both systems. Additionally, Autotask tickets can be written to Dynamics to provide a reference view within Dynamics. The integration is fully configurable, including the ability to update list values and associated mappings.

Integration Features

  • Keep customer data in sync with bi-directional synchronization of Autotask Clients to Dynamics Accounts and Contacts (i.e. updates made in either system are synchronized).
  • Keep Dynamics users informed with one-way updating of Autotask tickets to Dynamics tickets (i.e. Autotask tickets are available for viewing in Dynamics but cannot be updated within Dynamics).
  • Autotask Resources (people) are mapped to Dynamics users to ensure that record ownership is kept in sync. Mappings are made and updated in the Dynamics front-end.
  • Synchronization scope can be extended to include additional data types (e.g. Autotask projects).
Support: Seamless-Autotask-D365-Service-Guide.pdf