Up Your Game: Leverage Experienced Autotask Users Through Our CCP Program 

December 13, 2012  

We launched our Certified Consulting Partner (CCP) program earlier this year to connect our most experienced, most successful partners around the world with other Autotask users who can benefit from their experience.  Ten new Consulting Partners from Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom joined our team this month throughout Europe. If you're looking to up your game, invest in staff or need someone to strategize with, our worldwide network is here to assist! Please welcome: 

  • Raf Arts, Accel Computer Service NV (Belgium)
  • Gareth Brown, Sytec (United Kingdom)
  • Steven Kinane, Synergy Technology, Ltd (United Kingdom)
  • David Klein, ELZON (France)
  • Diego Lopez, ADM Tools (Spain)
  • Mario Menichetti, Cips Informatica (Italy)
  • Moritz Munzenmaier; acmeo (Germany)
  • Bruce Penson, Pro Drive IT Ltd (United Kingdom)
  • Maximilian Pfister; Niteflite Networxx GmbH (Germany)
  • Chris Tate, Totally MSP (United Kingdom)

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