5 Tips to Grow Your Technology Solutions Business

January 02, 2013  

Could your business be hitting a brick wall because of ad-hoc systems, inefficient staff management and outdated software? If yes, here’s how to get back on the right track to effective operations and ultimately sustainable, long-term business growth.

Replace ad-hoc with integrated

Ad-hoc systems may well be the only option for a start-up, however, ad hoc systems will ultimately ‘silo’ the critical functions of a company.  Business growth requires implementing an overall strategy that integrates all of your essential workflow processes. This is when it becomes important to invest in a fully-integrated solution, such as Autotask, to help you sell, implement, manage and bill your technology products and service more efficiently and more profitably.

Workflow management 

Increase your company's overall productivity and subsequent profitability through greater workflow management. For example, Autotask’s customizable workflow engine can help you easily integrate, streamline and automate tasks, such as billing, scheduling and job-profit-time analysis.  Once you align your people, projects and processes, the work can get done more efficiently. 

Don't just look organized, be organized

Many businesses appear to be in control and organized. Meanwhile, under the surface, it's chaos. This isn't sustainable and holds your company back from increasing profits and growth. The average Autotask customer sees an increase of 15 percent in captured billable time resulting from increased efficiency. If you and your staff are struggling, then it's time to establish a strategy and implement a business management system. 

Eradicate unnecessary and time-consuming errors

Inputting and aligning all your business information in real time in a single database streamlines your operations. It also helps ensure your entire team is on the same page and reduces the opportunity for duplicate data entries and errors.  As the amount of paperwork decreases and duplicate data entry is eliminated billing time can be reduced by a staggering 85 percent.

Impress your clients 

With the right task-oriented, time-management and integrated software in place, you'll be set up to manage greater demand from customers without the onset of organizational chaos. The return on investment is evident – if a strong system is in place, you'll be more proactive and confident with your clients, putting you on a solid path to growth. 

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