The Future for MSPs: SaaS, Cloud, and Stitching It All Together

February 07, 2013  

As the IT landscape shifts, the nature of projects that IT companies take on will start to look different as well. The necessity for large on-site hardware deployments is decreasing as well as the requirements for complex network infrastructures. There will continue to be a need for infrastructure management requirements, but with the reduced amount of servers and network equipment, hybrid environments (i.e. a mixture of on-site and cloud services) will become the norm.

This shift creates numerous new opportunities to develop and expand application deployment and integration services for SaaS products. IT companies who specialize in connecting multiple SaaS services to help simplify them are increasingly in demand. Progressive ITSPs are also becoming more proactive in designing business processes and delivering the technology to support them. This is a critical shift and is perhaps the largest opportunity and change required to thrive in the new world. As more and more applications become more readily available through SaaS, more opportunities to drive efficiencies and insight increase in every part of the business.

Businesses, especially larger businesses with multiple SaaS vendors and contracts, will look to those who can manage and report back on the performance of these SaaS vendors.

Hybrid IT environments, featuring cloud and SaaS solutions, create tremendous opportunities for IT services companies, but you will need to be able to understand and focus on your customers’ unique business issues. Our white paper, Understanding the Changing Landscape for IT Services, provides clear insight and actionable advice on how to navigate this dynamic opportunity.

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