Understanding Your Business as an MSP or ITSP

February 20, 2013  

As your business grows and evolves, it will become mission-critical for you to ensure you’re making fact-based decisions. In order to manage through the changing landscape of IT services you will need to employ process, automation and a comprehensive system to manage all the moving parts. While all companies are looking for insight into their business, this is especially true for IT service companies. 

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Who is my most profitable client? Not the client who is billed the most, but the client that actually generates the most profit.
  • Who is my most valuable technician? Not the technician who knows the most, or the one who works/bills the most hours, but the one who is best utilized and generates the most business.
  • Which of my contracts and services consistently generate the highest margins? A typical IT business has a variety of services to offer clients, but of these services, which are core to the business, support growth or eat into time and profits?

Service Intelligence—Beyond Professional Services Automation 

The term Professional Services Automation (PSA) has become commonly known as the integration of the different systems a typical SMB IT company uses to manage its business.

But merely integrating these point solutions is not enough. The IT business is a complex one, and to better service your clients you need real and actionable intelligence about your service delivery and your business as a whole.

A service intelligence platform should provide real-time visibility into the dynamics and metrics that matter most to your business, enabling you to not only gain control of your business, but to give you a better understanding of what drives it—what affects day-to-day operations. Gathering such intelligence will enable you to build a business that meets your goals.

Beyond professional services automation you need an intelligent system that enables you to run an efficient, predictable, measurable and most importantly, profitable business. Our white paper, Understanding the Changing Landscape for IT Services, discusses the essential tools you need to ensure your business is positioned for success. 

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