Investing for Success: Automation’s Role in Changing the IT Service Provider Landscape

May 23, 2013  

IT firms are far along the adoption curve in terms of bringing automation solutions into their business to increase client satisfaction and business efficiency. According to The IT Service Provider Benchmarking Study, IT adoption rates are pretty consistent across the typical solutions including:

  • 84% are using automated backup and disaster recovery tools
  • 83% are using remote monitoring and management tools
  • 82% are using email services and protection

The big question is, once you have all these tools in place, how do you bring all the disparate information together so you can mange and act on it? Luckily the vast majority of our survey respondents are ahead of the game, of those surveyed, 81% of IT firms report they are using a business information management platform to tie these systems together and build efficient processes. Such comprehensive tools typically integrate systems and communication across departments and automate a number of tasks instead of using a collection of disparate tools. In addition to automating processes and eliminating many manual tasks and possibilities for duplication of effort, integrated platforms also increase employee utilization.

Ask yourself this: when a service call is received via email, RMM or BDR alert, does a service desk technician have to take action or do you have an intelligent system in place that will automate the process? If you’re manually addressing service requests, there is room for improvement.

This is critical as 58% of service providers say they are attempting to achieve billable hour ratios of 80% or more, but only 23% are achieving those targets currently. Maximizing the potential of business information platforms can help them increase billable hour ratios and eliminate many non-billable delays and tasks that interfere with achieving those goals.

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