Getting Real ROI from Your Data

August 15, 2013  

Understanding the myriad data points your business creates each day and harnessing their collective power is an important skill set. In its February 2013 IT Service Provider Benchmarking Study, Decision Tree Labs found a strong correlation between IT Solution Providers (ITSPs) that track and manage against key performance indicators (KPIs) and those with a more accurate understanding of overall firm performance, market opportunities and trends. 

The challenge for ITSPs remains deciding which data is important to track. For most firms, there are three key areas to measure.

Workforce Efficiency

Ensuring your workforce utilization is the best it can be is one of the most critical components of operating and growing your business. You need the right people working on each task, reducing wasted time and capturing all of their billable hours. Some of the more important data points to evaluate workforce efficiency include:
  • Changes in ticket completion rates
  • Time spent by issue and priority
  • Performance metrics by employee

Customer Satisfaction

When customers are happy with performance and feel as though they’re getting value, they tend to renew and even increase their contracts. Tracking customer satisfaction metrics can help you understand where the potential for growth is among your existing customer base—and help you address any problems before they end up costing you business. Some areas to watch include:

  • Contract renewal rates
  • Post-service client survey results
  • Changes in number of tickets submitted over time


Revenue, cash flow and profitability are different components of the financial health of your business. Revenue decline, cash flow problems and unprofitable services can each threaten your business. ITSPs need to closely monitor:

  • Client profitability
  • Contract profitability by type
  • Sales opportunity pipeline trends

Closely monitoring and tracking these three key areas will give you the information you need to evaluate your business cornerstones and how to strengthen them.

Integrated IT business management platforms with built-in dashboards and reporting tools make the process of capturing and analyzing data easier. Dashboards help turn data into intelligence, allowing you to choose which sets of data you wish to view and deliver that information in a format that makes it easy to understand and analyze.

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