From the Field: Autotask Performance Dashboards

August 28, 2013  By Richard Tubb

At this year’s Autotask Community Live in Scottsdale, we heard about the new Autotask Performance Dashboards. Since then, I’ve had an opportunity to work with some IT Solution Providers (ITSPs) and Managed Service Providers (MSPs) that are using the Dashboards to help their businesses grow.

Here’s a snapshot of what I’ve heard:  

Simplicity of Setup and Use

ITSPs and MSPs love that the Performance Dashboards are easy to configure Excel spreadsheets that connect to their existing Autotask data via the Data Warehouse facility – and can be done in less than a minute. Even better, they don’t require a huge investment of time to learn to use, which makes them ideal for busy MSP owners who are pressed for time but want to better understand their business.

So, if the reason you have resisted BI solutions has been because of their seemingly overwhelming implementation requirements, you should give the simple-to-use Performance Dashboards a chance.

Service Delivery and Sales

Business owners are saving money and increasing client satisfaction with the ability to analyze daily and weekly trends in order to understand where performance improvements can be made and ticket backlogs can be reduced.

MSPs are also using the Performance Dashboards to improve sales performance. The ability to set sales targets and measure performance against those targets is a powerful way to increase growth. And, understanding metrics such as “Average Days to Close” allows for making more accurate sales forecasts.


The Dashboards can also be used on the move. Loading the workbooks on Microsoft SkyDrive, SharePoint or Office 365 enables you to use them on any tablet or Smartphone through the Microsoft Office Excel Web application. That means taking an iPad to a meeting, accessing client data in real time and walking the business owner through the details.

Talk about a serious competitive advantage.

When running a business today, there is an absolute need to make fact-based decisions – and Autotask Performance Dashboards allow ITSPs and MSPs to do that easily and effectively.

Richard Tubb
The former owner of on award winning IT MAnaged Service Provider, Richard Tubb now provides expert advice to help IT companies who want to grow.

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