Three Ways to Ensure IT Productivity — No Matter the Season

September 05, 2013  By Patrick Burns

While the summer vacation season might be behind us, it’s still summer for a few more weeks – and that means your IT department should make the most of it.

Summer is a relative break for many business professionals, but it can be the busiest time of year for IT departments and service providers. Since helpdesk activity might be slow, it’s a perfect time to schedule special projects, infrastructure upgrades or simply “catch up” on the backlog of priorities.

The season is also the calm before the storm, often the last chance to get in proactive IT management activities before resources are consumed by the push for Q4 business results and annual planning. Speaking of storms, the weather itself can create unplanned IT events due to hurricane season and blackout/brownout spells.

Here are three ways to ensure this time of year is productive, successful and stress-free:

1)      Embrace the opportunity to make longer term, strategic investments. These big infrastructure projects are a hump to implement – but they pay off in spades over the long term. Dive into them with enthusiasm not dread, and focus on the upside.

2)      Prepare all your redundancy measures for “acts of God” early on, so they’re ready before you need them. Anyone who owns a house knows that the air conditioner only fails on the hottest day of the summer – don’t be that guy in line at Wal-Mart fighting for the last available replacement.

3)      Most importantly, see it as a business opportunity. If you’re a service provider, find new service or equipment needs and take advantage of the slow business environment to get the attention of your client decision makers. If you’re an internal IT manager, be proactive in pitching strategic initiatives to line up with business stakeholders.

By having a smart approach, every season – even summer – can be a rewarding season for IT. And, with the marvels of modern technology, some of these activities can be done poolside, with a cold adult beverage close at hand.

Patrick Burns
Vice President of Product Management
Patrick leads strategic product planning for Autotask’s global IT business management platform. Patrick and his team define the business requirements and set prioritization for new improvements to the Autotask platform, managing them throughout the product lifecycle.

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