Three Ways the Cloud Can Be a Critical Component for your Business

September 11, 2013  By Len DiCostanzo

It’s no secret that in the world of IT, cloud computing has been – and continues to be – a major disruptor. Take, for example, this recent study of the enterprise from IDC: Only 33 percent of respondents claimed they have identified all of the IT operations they are comfortable hosting in the cloud based on what is available today, while 59 percent said they are still investigating the matter.

Whether you are in this group – or another one altogether – it’s clear that the cloud is leading to important shifts within the IT industry. As you figure out the role the cloud will play in your own organization, it’s good to know what these shifts are – and what they mean.

New personnel structure. As equipment and applications move off-site, so do many former IT staffers who were part of in-house departments. Those jobs have not evaporated, but have simply shifted; job sectors now include cloud computing companies and ITSPs. Further, cloud computing is expected to generate nearly 14 million new jobs worldwide between 2011 and 2015, according to another IDC study sponsored by Microsoft.

New revenue opportunities for ITSPs. For ITSPs, the opportunity to ascend into the trusted advisor role is just as real in the cloud-heavy enterprise. As technology changes, ITSPs are in the position to help companies navigate this new cloud-based world to become more effective and efficient in managing these technologies. ITSPs are seeing more of their revenue come from operating expenditure budgets than previously dominant capital expenditure budgets. This marks a shift in how companies see IT and cloud solutions in particular—they’re now viewed as integral to their organizations.

New, enhanced role for IT. Tech industry group CompTIA’s 2013 4th Annual Trends in Cloud Computing report found that 54 percent of IT teams approved procurement of cloud solutions. As IT staff and ITSPs become more involved in these decisions, they secure a more prominent seat at the leadership table. Not surprisingly, this gives IT leaders a stronger voice across the entire organization.

Len DiCostanzo
Senior Vice President, Community & Business Development
Len is one of the most widely-recognized figures in the IT industry with more than 25 years experience in the channel. Len develops and nurtures Autotask’s strategic industry alliances around the world.

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