Tips MSPs Should Know and IT Skills

September 20, 2013  

Here’s a look at what’s happening this week in the world of ITSPs, MSPs and Enterprise IT departments.

Business Solutions: 3 Tips Every Managed Services Provider Should Know
By Hay McCall
If you’re a reseller new to the managed services model or an established MSP (managed services provider) looking to hit the next level of your business, Thomas Clancy Jr., partner and manager of sales and operations for Valiant Technology, says a simple formula has been instrumental to Valiant’s success as an MSP.

The Guardian: How cloud technology is driving green innovation

By Dr. Nick Murry
The cloud is opening up new ways to monitor sustainability data, helping to increase business transparency and accountability. Low energy light bulbs, solar cells, biofuels and sandals made from recycled car tyres all have their place in the annals of environmental invention, but arguably the biggest green innovation is digital technology.

Computerworld: 16 IT skills in high demand in 2013
By Rich Hein
That resolution to update your tech toolbox may seem like a distant memory, but now more than ever you need to work to increase your professional value. One way to increase your brand to employers is to learn new skills, but choosing the ones that offer the most bang for the buck is challenging.

Midsize Insider: Cloud Computing Forces Changes in IT Departments
By Bert Markgraf
When IT departments at midsize businesses start to implement cloud computing and transfer some noncritical IT functions from their own data centers into the cloud, the location of the infrastructure is not the only thing that changes.

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