Autotask Helps MSP Grow — Even Through Natural Disasters

October 07, 2013  

Before Valiant Technology began using Autotask five years ago, Valiant’s founding partner Thomas Clancy Jr. faced the same challenges many IT service providers (ITSPs) face. The company’s homegrown ticketing system and manual methods of capturing billable hours led to delays and inaccuracies, information was not available remotely and employee time wasn’t being utilized effectively. All of this changed for Valiant’s 17 technicians once Autotask was introduced. 

“We were up and running with Autotask in 30 days,” Clancy said. “All of our communication is tracked in Autotask, keeping us all on the same page and allowing us to access and update the system from anywhere.” Autotask also allows the firm to become nearly paperless and manage operations from anywhere through the cloud-based system.

Little did Clancy know how important the cloud would be. When Hurricane Sandy hit the mid-Atlantic coast on October 29, 2012, his family was displaced from their home for several weeks. Clancy notified clients through Autotask’s automated email capabilities, assuring them Valiant would operate with its regular level of service despite the devastation to the area.

“When disasters happen, Autotask just keeps going,” Clancy said. “They did not make a one-off sale and then pretend that I didn’t exist anymore. They know that every day they need to persistently improve their business, so that every day I can persistently improve mine.”

While Clancy faced significant personal challenges from the storm, his company never missed a beat. Autotask kept his technicians in touch with customer needs while keeping the firm on the growth track it had been experiencing.

Since Clancy adopted the platform, Valiant has eliminated 20 hours of time previously devoted to billing and time-tracking each week while adding five hours weekly per tech of tracked time, resulting in significantly higher revenue and efficiency.

As a result, Valiant’s annual revenue has more than quadrupled, from $1.1 million in 2007 to $4.5 million in 2012. Because of the accountability and transparency Autotask has brought to Valiant, Clancy has also been able to grow the managed services portion of his business into a lucrative profit center. Hear more about Valiant’s success working with Autotask here and in the video below.

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