Don’t Be an IT Dinosaur for Halloween

October 28, 2013  By Patrick Burns

The great thing about Halloween is the opportunity to be someone else for a day, have your fun, and then return to your normal self. But would it be as much fun if you had to choose a new costume every week and switch gears to a whole new persona?

IT professionals know a thing or two about this. For them, change is a constant – and adjusting to it, a necessary skill. For one thing, there is a major paradigm change in technology every 10-15 years. For instance, the landscape of computing has transformed from mainframe, to PC, to desktop, to mobile, to now even wearables.

While IT professionals are busy adjusting to new technologies, they also need to adapt to a new mission of business alignment.

Here are the top 10 ways we see IT jobs changing over the next few years that you need to prepare for in order to succeed:

  1. Tactical to Strategic. The role of IT is shifting from purely operational (“keep the lights on”) to strategic (enabling business growth and adding long-term value).
  2. Physical to Virtual. As software eats the world, IT professionals need to manage virtualization and as-a-service solutions to keep their businesses competitive.
  3. Alignment. IT will support broader, organizational objectives, not just technology initiatives.
  4. Customer focus. IT is no longer a gatekeeper of systems, but rather a broker of services for the organization.
  5. Collaboration. IT will increasingly work with line of business stakeholders to understand and achieve their goals.
  6. Accountability. IT is no longer a black box. It’s a critical business-enabling function that should constantly be measured and improved.
  7. Integration. As technology becomes more accessible, IT will play a crucial role in orchestrating an optimal environment where systems work together and feed centralized reporting solutions.
  8. Business impact. IT is not a cost center, but a driver of business outcomes. ROI is now more important than on-time, on-budget.
  9. Agility. IT needs to be nimble, opportunistic and receptive to change.
  10. Analytics. IT professionals will be increasingly tasked with generating analytics related to business performance, not just systems status.

The good news is that all this change represents opportunity for IT to increase its value to the business. But, you better make sure you understand and prepare for the new IT landscape – or you just might find yourself as a dinosaur next Halloween.

Patrick Burns
Vice President of Product Management
Patrick leads strategic product planning for Autotask’s global IT business management platform. Patrick and his team define the business requirements and set prioritization for new improvements to the Autotask platform, managing them throughout the product lifecycle.

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