Autotask Audit: IT Innovation, Looking Ahead to 2014 and Wearables

November 08, 2013  

Here’s a look at what’s happening this week in the world of ITSPs, MSPs and Enterprise IT departments.

Forbes: Five Tips For IT Innovation
By Howard Baldwin
Innovation isn’t easy, but based on some of these recent stories about the topic, it can indeed be done. It requires shifting, tweaking, or flipping your perspective so that you can see things you wouldn’t  normally see. Look where you don’t normally look. In this interview with Computer Weekly, McKinsey CIO Mike Wright said that he looks for innovation in small companies: “Most innovation is happening within the smaller organizations with specialist capabilities.”

Huffington Post: The Cloud-Enabled Transformation of Enterprise IT
By Daniel Burrus
IT as a service is a game changer. Because you now have components of the IT department existing in the cloud, you free your in-house IT staff to shift from a maintenance mode to an innovation mode. As such, your IT department can focus on achieving business goals, creating innovative solutions, and driving sales rather than upgrading individual user's computers and firefighting everyday problems.

Computer Weekly: IT spending up as companies invest in digital technology
By Bill Goodwin
Businesses are stepping up their spending on IT as they invest in strategic digital technologies, a survey of CIOs by business advisory firm Deloitte reveals. Some 78% of UK CIOs say their budgets have increased or stayed the same, as companies prioritize investments in web and mobile technology, the research claims.

InfoWorld: 9 trends for 2014 and beyond
By Eric Knorr
Who says enterprise IT is boring? Big ideas and bold new tech are shaking things up like never before, so it's time to consider the long-term implications.

Network World: Five ways IT can prepare for wearable devices at work
By Robert J. Mullins
Just when IT execs are getting a handle on how to accommodate employees' personal smartphones and tablets in the workplace, the technology industry has thrown up a new challenge – wearable computers.

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