The Customer Event Isn’t Dead

November 13, 2013  By Mark Cattini

In recent years, there has been a growing belief that customer events are a dying breed. A number of factors can be blamed for its decline – a sluggish economy, travel and spending freezes that accompanied it and the wide use of technologies that bring the world directly to our laptops.  

The thing is no matter how much our world changes it's still critical for every business to connect with their customers. Hosting a customer event, as we have done several times before, is a great way to get the face-to-face time you need with them and gives them the opportunity to provide valuable feedback.

Four ways to make your next (first) customer event a success:

Connect with customers. How better to connect with the people that keep your business alive than to spend time with them playing golf, sharing dinner or enjoying unique talents (i.e. a graffiti artist)? Spending a few days with your customers is hands-down the best opportunity you have to hear from them – their successes, their failures, their ideas.

Launch a product. A customer event is a great way to unveil your latest offering – and demonstrate how to use it and highlight its benefits. Not only does it allow you to share the exciting news with your existing customers first – and win their approval – but you just might secure a few clients in the process. 

Win prospects. Invite those considering your business to hear from the customers already benefiting from your offering. Who better than your existing customers to tell prospects what kind of impact your solution has had on their business?

Have fun. No matter how fun your culture is, when it comes to your customers, you spend the majority of your time with them working. But life is about more than that – and it’s important to show your customers that side of your culture. Why not give them the gift of learning wrapped in fun for a day or two? It’ll help build stronger relationships.

Mark Cattini
President & CEO
With his passion for technology, commitment to quality and an unrelenting drive to help customers succeed, Mark has helped Autotask achieve the most impressive growth in its history and successfully expand its solutions and operations around the world.

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