10 Ways Enterprise IT Departments Can Demonstrate Value

November 18, 2013  By Mark Cattini

Enterprise IT departments are the technology heartbeat of a company. Here are ten ways you can remain invaluable:  

  1. Understand your company’s needs. Be sure you have enough familiarity with various departments and their business goals to identify their needs and suggest creative IT solutions.
  2. Stay up to date on trends. If you can talk about new solutions, ideas and approaches, you demonstrate value.
  3. Make suggestions. If you see an opportunity to use technology to streamline or improve a department’s operations, present your thoughts. Become a forward-thinking leader within your company.  
  4. Train your staff well. Set goals for your department and ensure your staff members are receiving adequate training to keep current on new technology developments.
  5. Automate. Leverage technology – and your expertise in the different tools -- to help everyone else integrate technology into their systems and facilitate communication. Use it to make your department more efficient; set an example of the power of technology for the rest of your company.
  6. Analyze data. Periodically review the histories and needs of various departments. Do they have recurring challenges? Look at ways to fix them. Have they grown or changed? Look for new opportunities to use technology to help them improve operations.
  7. Respond quickly. When IT issues arise, every minute between the employee’s call for help and the technician’s response makes a difference. Keep the employee in the loop about the expected service time and deploy technicians as soon as possible.
  8. Invest in the cloud. Cloud-based platforms and solutions are evolving quickly, allowing you to continually present new solutions that can deliver added value and cost savings.
  9. Choose managed-service contracts. Managed-service providers work within a predetermined budget and are motivated to find solutions that reduce downtime and make your business run more efficiently.
  10. Run your department well. It may seem counter-intuitive, but devoting time and resources to running your own department will result in better service to your company. Invest in proper management resources to ensure your team is as effective and efficient as possible.

Your company’s technology will only be as good as your department. Therefore, it’s up to you to set expectations, examples and goals – and use your expertise and experience to meet and achieve them.

Mark Cattini
President & CEO
With his passion for technology, commitment to quality and an unrelenting drive to help customers succeed, Mark has helped Autotask achieve the most impressive growth in its history and successfully expand its solutions and operations around the world.

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