Autotask Audit: The CIO Survival Guide and Making IT Cool

November 27, 2013  

Here’s a look at what’s happening this week in the world of ITSPs, MSPs and Enterprise IT departments.

Computerworld:  9 step CIO survival guide
By Thor Olavsrud
The opportunity is there for the CIO to become the catalyst for transforming the business, a trusted adviser that helps the business navigate the digital business environment. Here's a handy CIO Survival Guide to help you redefine the CIO role at your business.

CMS Wire: The IT Executive Holy Grail: Making IT Cool in Your Enterprise
By Stephen Fishman
Some IT executive would express a desire to "make IT cool." I always viewed the executives who expressed this as a little misguided, both in the way they framed their objectives and the ways they navigated toward their aim. While I could articulate why they were likely to be unsuccessful, I was never able to offer a viable and easily understood alternative. Until now.

The VAR Guy: Meet the New Face of IT: The CFO
By Elliot Markowitz
The power and traditional roles of the C-suite executives are changing fast, and technology is perhaps the biggest catalyst. While the chief information officer (CIO) is still regarded as the main decision-maker, when it comes to major IT purchases, strategies and deployments, it’s the chief financial officer (CFO) who is gaining influence and more often weighing in heavily on business decisions across the organization.

Real Business: SMEs can benefit from cloud computing - they just need the right advice
By Simon Brooke
The big buzzword in IT at the moment is cloud computing. Why have all your data and programs on one computer when they can be stored “up in the cloud” so that you can access them from any computer? For SMEs, many of whom do not have large, well resourced IT departments, the cloud has other advantages.

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