Don’t Slip! (Your Client Service is Off Balance)

December 02, 2013  By Mark Banfield

In our personal lives, we are hyper-aware of balance. We’re constantly balancing work and personal time, family activities and chores, productive time and relaxation. So it’s surprising that many companies are out of balance, especially when it comes to servicing customers.

There are many excuses for why an otherwise successful IT company over-services certain clients, some of which include:

  • The client came on board early with your company, and there’s a sense of gratitude
  • The client is perceived as a flagship account with an aura of prestige
  • There’s a strong customer/supplier relationship that is similar to friendship

But, in reality, it is likely because they don’t have an accurate picture of the amount of time being spent on the account by the various technicians servicing it.

Let’s remember that service people tend to have an inherent desire to please. Without a system that captures interaction times and produces an accurate audit of each account, it’s easy to over-service certain accounts and not even realize it.

Just how big of a problem is this? It’s serious enough to threaten the success of your business. For one thing, if you’re over-servicing some clients, it’s likely you are overlooking others. For another, your employees don’t have the tools they need to understand the cost-to-service ratio. And finally, without this type of operational oversight, you may not be controlling your business the way you thought you were.

So, as you look to the New Year, it is a great time to review all of your accounts and ensure each one is perfectly balanced. 

Mark Banfield
Vice President, International
Mark is adept at managing highly successful sales and product marketing teams and motivating them to go above and beyond. Under Mark’s leadership, Autotask’s international business has grown by more than 140% in less than two years time.

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