A Sneak Peak: Looking Ahead to 2014

December 30, 2013  By Mark Cattini

2013 was a year of growth, development and expansion – not only for Autotask, but for IT as a whole. For us here at Autotask, this past year marked the opening of new offices in Richmond, England and Chicago, Illinois after impressive client acquisition.

For IT, one of the top questions and debates of 2013 was whether or not the IT department is evolving or disappearing. Our Len DiCostanzo, Senior VP of Community and Business Development told Network World, “While the future of IT might be shifting, our 24/7 reliance on technology to run the business has solidified the role of IT more than ever.”

While we are confident we are on the right side of that argument, we expect the debate to continue well into the New Year. A few other trends that we will see in 2014 include:

  • Smart IT will evolve. The concept of Smart IT was born in response to the changing landscape of the industry, and will continue to take hold and become more relevant. Expect ITSPs and enterprise departments to become more efficient, accountable and intelligent (especially when it comes to data and metrics, and how they align with the business) over the next 12 months.
  •  IT will make more fact-based decisions. As technology continues to be integrated into the business, IT professionals can no longer simply show results. Expect to see an increase in analytics that support technology decisions to demonstrate how they impact business performance.
  • IT will demonstrate ROI. Expect ITSPs and departments to not just focus on delivering IT, but on making sure the technology services they are providing are relevant to the business, and drive value for the bottom line. Those aforementioned fact-based decisions? They will come into play here, as, after all, ROI comes down to metrics.
  • IT will align with business. In order to deliver value in today’s 24/7 connected world, the IT department will begin aligning with the business as a whole by complying with – and giving input to – the overall company mission statement.
  • Executives will pay more attention to IT. According to IDC, “By 2016, 80% of new IT investments will directly involve line-of-business (LOB) executives, with LOBs the lead decision makers in half or more of those investments.”  Anticipate seeing more IT professionals taking a seat at the table.
  • Reliance on IT will grow. As BYOD continues to take hold across organizations, employees will depend on IT more than ever before (despite some alternative viewpoints).

In addition, expect to see an increase in spending on data center services by SMBs. For more on our opinion on this topic – and the findings of a study by analyst firm Research and Markets – check out this recent CRN article by Sarah Kuranda (@skuranda).

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Mark Cattini
President & CEO
With his passion for technology, commitment to quality and an unrelenting drive to help customers succeed, Mark has helped Autotask achieve the most impressive growth in its history and successfully expand its solutions and operations around the world.

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