Five Things Every IT Professional Wants to Help Kick-off the New Year

January 07, 2014  By Tom Clancy

Regardless of your industry or title, there’s no overlooking the importance of New Year’s resolutions. The start of a new year is the perfect time to make positive changes that will help improve how your company operates by re-examining company goals, processes and behaviors. We spoke to Tom Clancy, vice president of sales, Valiant Technology Inc. about his top five resolutions for ITSPs (and their customers) in the New Year.

1)      Give your computer a break. Let us update it! Good MSPs never ignore an update, yet we don’t want to get in your way. To avoid causing mid-day headaches we do the updates at night. Please close your open work, quit your email app and leave your computer on. Our virtual elves will creep into the network while you’re sleeping and take care of the maintenance, and we’ll shut everything down when finished.

2)      Focus during meetings. Even if you’re wildly bored by techno-babble or small talk, try to be engaged in meetings. Keep your phone in your pocket and don’t text or email. Being personable and showing interest is important, and it helps keep the meeting on track and done quicker!

3)      Be completely honest when filling out surveys (even if the truth may sting). It seems that survey responses come in two extremes – everything is great or the polar opposite. What happens when service is “good-ish” or “bad-ish”? Silence! (Which doesn’t help ITSPs improve on their service.) While all want to receive gold stars, it’s those middle-of-the-road results with real specificity that are the key for us to earn them. We are always striving to service our customers better. Tell us how we can!

4)      Get to the point when selling. Know your customers and what they want and need. Don’t waste people’s time when you know the service has nothing to do with their business model. Use your CRM tools and keep good records to get granular results for your campaigns. Make sure there’s a reason to send the message, to create the invitation, to make the phone call. Don’t try and sell a mail server to a client happy on Google Apps!

5)      Say thank you. It never hurts to say thank you. Flowers or a dozen donuts don’t cost much (except in calories). In every aspect of our lives, a simple thank you can go a long way. Take the time to say thank you to your ITSPs and customers in 2014.

What are your IT resolutions for 2014? Let us know; tweet us at @Autotask and use the hashtag #ITnewyear.

Tom Clancy
President, Valiant Technology Inc.

As Valiant’s President, Tom charts the course of the business, and ensures that the team loves the tribe they’ve joined. Tom is a frequent speaker at industry trade events, including Autotask’s Community Live, Business Solutions Magazine’s Channel Transitions events, Google’s NY Headquarters, and the AIA’s New Practices continuing education series. Tom is proud to be one of the authors of three editions of the Mac OS X Bible, (so he can say he IS Tom Clancy the author). A lifetime New York resident, Tom now lives in Long Beach, NY, so his three excellent sons have a yard and a world-class beach to play on. But don’t fret for his NYC street-cred — he’s only five miles from Broad Channel where he grew up.

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