Autotask Audit: Cloud Computing Stats for Every CIO and Tools for IT Professionals

January 31, 2014  

Here’s a look at what’s happening this week in the world of ITSPs, MSPs and Enterprise IT departments.

Out of Touch With IT? Survey Shows Most American Execs Are
By Drew Hendricks
Many American executives are out of touch with their IT department, putting them at risk for security issues and data loss. When surveyed, more than 9,300 high-ranking executives gave answers that were often vastly different from what officials found. Overall, there were discrepancies in almost every category between what respondents believed and what was true.

Silicon Angle: 20 cloud computing statistics every CIO should know
By Jack Woods
CIOs are tasked with the challenge of determining the best way to store massive amounts of data in a safe, easy-to-access, cost-effective manner. In this post, we’ve put our focus on cloud computing and compiled 20 statistics that every CIO should look to store in their memory for future reference or for ground to stand on when bringing a cloud proposal to the rest of their executive teams.

The Guardian: Why data needs to move out of the IT department and into the boardroom
By Andrew Carr
It's often said that IT needs a more integral role in business planning. The emergence of data analysis tools which can ultimately predict future trends and which, in turn, can help shape business strategy are forcing the issue. But leadership from the top is needed to harness and fully exploit this promise.

InfoWorld: What being cloud-native really means
By David Linthicum
Everyone has his or her own definition of "cloud-native." As a result, cloud-hosted applications are all over the place in their use of native features. What are the fundamentals of being cloud-native?

InfoWorld: MacGyver IT: 21 tools for IT heroes
By Brian Chee
Like all battle-tested works in progress, my essential toolkit for supporting corporate, government, and academic IT has evolved. I still favor the free or inexpensive, spending a bit more on higher-quality tools in some cases to save frustration.

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