How Do I Love IT? Let Me Count the Ways

February 14, 2014  

Valentine’s Day is a perfect chance to show those most important to you how much you appreciate them. The day wouldn’t be complete, of course, without paying special attention to the one group that makes everyone’s jobs possible: the IT Department. Adam Stewart, Vice President of Engineering at Autotask, shares seven ways to prevent breaking up with your IT Department this holiday by showing them a little extra love.

  1. Be sweet
    We have a busy schedule just like you do, and no, fixing your home computer for free is not listed in our job description. It doesn’t hurt, however, to sweeten up the deal every once and awhile with a batch of brownies or other homemade treats.

  2. …But be careful!
    While we’re on the subject of food, be careful to avoid spilling when eating and drinking near your systems. Soda and coffee in particular do a number on laptops. We know love is a battlefield, but your keyboard doesn’t have to look like one.

  3. There’s no I in “love,” but there is one in “Cupid”
    Employees who take the initiative to create a trouble ticket on their own make us fall head over heels. Get the ball rolling and proactively let us know what’s going on – after all, the sooner we know what the issue is, the sooner we can help you get back to work. To really send our hearts aflutter, try using a priority level other than “critical.”

  4. Love is a fool’s game
    …but don’t be foolish enough to open emails with subjects like, “Increase your performance” or “Wonder Diet.” Those subject lines spell IT disaster. And sometimes lots of restoring from backups.

  5. Roses are red, violets are blue – please give us time when you’ve hired someone new
    As in, more than just a few hours’ notice before a new hire’s first day. It takes time to properly set up people’s access, so give us the time to make sure they’re ready to go.  

  6. Love the one you’re with
    Part of our job is to help make your job easier. Therefore, we need each other to be successful. Don’t threaten to outsource us every time budget discussions come up.

  7. Play it safe
    Do us all a favor and ask if the software you wish to install poses any sort of security risk. If it does, we may be able to offer you a safe alternative. Love means never having to say you’re sorry…
…but a few extra “thank yous” here and there will go a long way.  Who knows, maybe we’ll even fix your home computer one day.

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