Autotask Audit: 5 Ways Your IT Department is Changing and How to Fight Drought with the Cloud

February 21, 2014  

Here’s a look at what’s happening this week in the world of ITSPs, MSPs and Enterprise IT departments.

Computerworld: California fights drought with big data, cloud computing
By Patrick Thibodeau
California is facing its worst drought in more than 100 years, and one with no end in sight. Conserving water has never been more important, and Silicon Valley has an opportunity to offer technological solutions to the problem.

Technology Spectator: Five ways your IT department is changing
By Ian Smith
There is no doubt that the function of a typical corporate IT department is changing, precipitated by an increasingly mobile workforce and the migration to service delivery from the cloud.

InfoWorld: 3 CIO no-no's when moving to the cloud
By David Linthicum
We're well on our way to moving applications and data to the cloud. The risks are big, as is the cost of moving. There are no clear paths, and you have to do some deep thinking around the true value of cloud computing. With these caveats in mind, CIOs should make sure to never take these actions when they move to the cloud.

InfoWorld: 5 tips for smarter collaboration in a mobile and cloud world
By Galen Gruman
So many technologies are out there for our use -- on our PCs or Macs, on our mobile devices, via our browsers -- that we face a new challenge of having them work well among disparate groups.

CIO: 15 Non-Certified IT Skills Growing in Demand
By Rich Hein
Architects, mobile developers and IT pros who are proficient in several flavors of big data and analytics are the top dogs in this look at the non-certified IT skills poised for growth in 2014. Last week, Foote Partners released its Q1 quarterly report, the IT Skills Demand and Pay Trends Report. Its data tells a story of more incremental improvements for both certified and non-certified IT skills.

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