TeamLogicIT: Efficiency Gains Lead to Dramatic Increase in Billable Hours

February 24, 2014  
As the IT partner of thousands of small and medium-sized businesses, TeamLogic IT is a nationwide network of businesses that provide comprehensive computer-based services for managing information technology.

Before employing Autotask, the information technology solution provider (ITSP), had difficulty closing tickets efficiently, worked off of ad hoc processes and had limited accountability within the organization. Since it began using Autotask it has seen impressive results, including an increase of over 300 more billable hours per month.

Ken Patterson, vice president of operations for the Woburn, MA franchise, credits Autotask for helping TeamLogicIT provide better client services, more visibility into their business and an overall increase in operational efficiency.

“I’ve never seen a product or team like Autotask in the 25 years I’ve been in this industry. From beginning to end, hands down Autotask is the best product out there nothing touches it.” Ken Patterson, TeamLogicIT.

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