What’s the story with Change Management and why should you care?

March 11, 2014  
Change is hard. For organizations facing change, whether it’s a routine system upgrade/maintenance or full-scale IT system changes that introduce new solutions to the mix, it’s important to have a rock-solid plan in place to ensure things roll-out as smoothly as possible. Managing change better helps everyone be prepared for breaks from the norm.

So, what do you need to do? Well, having that plan of action that clearly outlines the work to be performed along with the associated costs and approvals needed from key decision makers is critical. Along with giving them the complete details about the scheduled activity and the impact. This helps to minimize any loss of productivity due to both planned and unplanned down time.

By failing to implement a change management process when making changes to a customer environment you expose organizations to unnecessary risks and disruptions that are easily avoided.

Check out what Autotask’s Product Manager and change management expert, Emily Doty has to say about why you should really care about change management.


You can also listen to a webinar on the topic here.

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