Autotask Audit: Understanding Your Company’s Personality and the Next Generation of IT

March 14, 2014  

Here’s a look at what’s happening this week in the world of ITSPs, MSPs and Enterprise IT departments.

Computerworld: Do you understand your company's personality?
By Minda Zetlin
To be effective, you must deeply understand and fully engage with the culture of your organization. For instance, when a new CIO arrives to reorganize IT, or a merger requires that two formerly separate operations combine, conditions are ripe for conflict. But many IT leaders ignore the danger.

InformationWeek: Women In IT: The Next Generation
By Lorna Garey
There's plenty of angst about the number of women pursuing IT careers. Some of it's warranted, some is overblown, as veteran IT pro Tammie Colivariti pointed out in a recent InformationWeek column, "Women, IT & The Outrage Machine."

TechTarget: SaaS the most popular public cloud option
By Simon Quicke
When it comes to public cloud the most popular option being delivered to customers is Software as a Service with the majority of UK hosted specialists delivering it ahead of infrastructure or platform as a service.

Baseline: Ten Emerging Tech Jobs With Great Futures
By Dennis McCafferty
If you need further proof that technology trends such as mobility and the cloud have changed the face of business, then check out the following emerging IT job titles, which were compiled by Janco Associates. They reflect how organizations are overhauling traditional concepts about what people in the IT department are supposed to do.

eWeek: IT Infrastructure Can Help Workers With Disabilities: Gartner
By Nathan Eddy
New rules mean that by 2015, 50 percent of organizations will have technology projects under way to support the enablement of disabled employees, according to a report from IT research firm Gartner. As the new rules take effect, application and Web development staffs should review how mobile and desktop applications can be optimized for accessibility to open positions to disabled candidates.

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