Autotask Audit: The Changing IT Gig and CIOs Central to Business Strategy

March 28, 2014  

Here’s a look at what’s happening this week in the world of ITSPs, MSPs and Enterprise IT departments.

InfoWorld: Attack of the killer clouds and the coming IT storm
By Robert X. Cringely
I've recently read it elsewhere: Cloud computing is set to push the IT pro career over the cliff and into extinction. I can't get onboard with that, not only because it would put a certain IT snark out of business, but because all evidence points at the opposite. IT pros, your gig isn't going anywhere, but it is changing.

IT Pro: CIOs are increasingly central to business strategy
By Rene Millman
The IT department is becoming more important in shaping the direction of UK businesses, overcoming the perception of them being merely a cost centre. So claims research published by Vodafone, which found that IT is now perceived as a strategic priority at board level. Vodafone surveyed 300 IT directors/CIOs and 300 non-IT business leaders and discovered the IT department is now expected to think about the ‘bigger picture' (88 per cent of respondents).

CIO: CIOs Must Become Technology Consultants
By Tom Kaneshige
The new role of the CIO can be summed up in one word: consultant. Times have changed dramatically in the last few years. Today's business leader seeks to adopt immature, consumer technology that the CIO used to shun.

CRN: Capital Gains: The Return of Channel Financing
By Rob Wright
After several years of painful credit crunches and capital droughts, solution providers today say money is flowing into the channel again. And perhaps the biggest driver behind the channel financing renaissance is the overall improvement in the financial health of solution providers.

Computerworld: Survey: State of the enterprise 2014
By Staff Writer
With big tech investments come big expectations. So says a survey of 313 IT and business professionals released by Computerworld's research group. Compared to a similar survey done in 2012, a higher percentage of respondents reported this year that they are adopting, have already deployed or have optimized their ROI from mobile (74%), cloud (58%) and consumer IT (45%) projects.

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