Autotask Audit: The End of Windows XP and the Need for Agility

April 11, 2014  

Here’s a look at what’s happening this week in the world of ITSPs, MSPs and Enterprise IT departments.

Channel Pro: The End Arrives for Windows XP
On April 8, 2014, support for Microsoft’s Windows XP operating system comes to an end.  For channel partners with XP-using customers, this long-awaited day has likely already garnered much attention, and perhaps even considerable hand-wringing. With support ended, it is time to consider what that means for both channel partners and their customers.

InformationWeek: Enterprise Project Managers Must Get More Agile
On any given day, the project management office, like IT, is either wunderkind or problem child, depending on how recently it snatched business project victory from the jaws of defeat. Staying on the right side of that line is a matter of thinking like a startup, defining success up front, and blurring the lines between IT and business projects.

Channel Pro: Changing IT environment the ‘new normal’ says report
On the day that Microsoft withdraws support for XP, a new report states that IT directors say that constant change is not just the norm now, but the pace of change is accelerating.

Channel Insider: Next-Gen Security Needs Create Channel Opportunities
A new survey of 268 IT professionals conducted by EiQ Networks, a provider of security intelligence platforms, finds that IT professionals have never been more worried about security. Their concerns create a climate that is ripe for solution providers across the channel to deliver next-generation threat protection and response systems that take the whole SIEM concept to a higher level.

InfoWorld: IT job growth jumps for third month in a row
Hand in hand with the news that 17,500 IT jobs were created in the last three months comes another piece of positive news: The overall job market participation rate is also up. Granted, it's only up 0.2 percent, but it's still an improvement from the flat 63 percent of the beginning of the year, and a further improvement over the 62.75 percent that the economy scraped at the end of last year.

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