Metrics That Matter 2014: Price Check – Is Your Hourly Rate Where It Should Be?

May 05, 2014  
As long as revenue is coming in and profits are hitting the bottom line, all is well, right? Wrong! If your hourly rate is not quantifiably correct, you could be losing profits.

According to results from the 2014 IT Service Provider Benchmarking Survey, ITSPs are missing out on profits because they aren’t hitting the utilization rates they are targeting. While 41 percent of surveyed ITSPs are aiming for 80 percent to 90 percent or higher utilization, only 18 percent are actually achieving it.

Higher utilization rates equal higher profits, so this underachievement is important to address. In fact, it’s one of three opportunities for profit improvement that we’ve identified based on the survey results.

Len DiCostanzo, SVP, Business Development will present on all three—as well as other findings—during the Metrics that Matter: 2014 Edition webinar on Wednesday, May 14 at 11:00 AM (EDT). During the webinar, Len will explain how to improve utilization rates—and therefore service profitability—by setting hourly rates based on realistic utilization goals. Additionally, he’ll discuss how to improve profits through automation and higher customer renewal rates.

Len will also be joined by Ian Milligan-Pate, SMB Business Development, McAfee (Intel Security) and Continuum Managed IT Services' Director of Technical Account Management, Ray Vrabel, to discuss the key findings and provide advice about how to incorporate this invaluable peer insight to increase profitability.

Attend to find out:
  • Ways to improve utilization rates and profitability  
  • What’s driving demand and impacting client expectations (e.g., more security)
  • Where the opportunities for growth are
  • Why it’s important to benchmark
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