Autotask Audit: SaaS Momentum and Spring Cleaning Tips for CIOs

May 23, 2014  
Here’s a look at what’s happening this week in the world of ITSPs, MSPs and Enterprise IT departments.

Talkin’ Cloud: Poll Results: 78% Say SaaS-based CRM Momentum to Continue
By CJ Arlotta
Cloud services providers (CSPs) offering software as a service (SaaS)-based customer relationship management (CRM) platforms might have a year of growth head of them -- at least that's what Talkin' Cloud's readers believe.

Computerworld: 11 spring cleaning tips for CIOs
By Thor Olavsrud
The arrival of spring is often taken as a sign that it's time to clean your house from top to bottom. The same idea holds true for CIOs and their IT environment. You probably have lots of good housekeeping tasks filed away in your "someday" folder, like rationalizing your applications or getting your power costs under control.

Computerworld: Why IT needs to drive the risk conversation
By Minda Zetlin
It's a familiar complaint: Executives from a business department learn about a new, often cloud-based product and they want to try it. Only they can't, because IT has decreed that this wonderful new product creates too much risk. The frustrated business execs gripe that IT is standing in the way of progress. As one business executive said, IT is "where dreams go to die."

Computerworld: IT power grab: Should you be a Machiavellian manager?
By Howard Baldwin
Two recent works from leading analyst firms throw down the gauntlet to CIOs: Once IT leaders fully embrace the power they hold in the enterprise, they can stop taking orders and start giving advice.

Data Center Knowledge: Creating a Cloud Readiness Assessment
By Bill Kleyman
It’s a lot easier to move your infrastructure into the cloud than have to migrate everything back into a private data center. The idea is to make sure you deploy the right workloads and have the correct deployment methodology throughout the entire process. When cloud computing started getting popular, organizations began pushing more of their environments into a public or hybrid cloud model.

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