Autotask Audit: IT Leaders as Marketers and How CIOs Can Prepare for the Digital Enterprise

May 30, 2014  
Here’s a look at what’s happening this week in the world of ITSPs, MSPs and Enterprise IT departments.

InformationWeek: IT Leaders Must Assume New Role: Marketers
By Jonathan Feldman
Marketing isn't just the CMO's job. Getting directly involved with customer engagement is necessary for your IT career and your company's success, experts at Authority 2014 explained.

CIO: 7 Ways CIOs Should Prepare for the Digital Enterprise
By Brian Eastwood
The debate about technology in the enterprise used to focus on hope vs. fear. Now it's fear vs. fear — specifically, the fear of becoming the next Target vs. the fear that technology will eat your lunch, says Narinder Singh, president of [topcoder] and chief strategy officer at Appirio.

InfoWorld: Don't be scared; it's just the cloud
By David Linthicum
There is no question that the use of cloud-based resources affects IT organizations. But how much should your IT organization change to best leverage cloud computing?

Computerworld: Business users bypass IT and go rogue to the cloud
By Sharon Gaudin
IT departments need to watch out for business units or even individual workers going rogue and bypassing IT to go straight to the cloud. "There's a tug-of-war tension in the enterprise right now," said Gartner analyst Lydia Leong.

CloudTweaks: The Basic Service And Deployment Models Of Cloud Computing
By Mojgan Afshari
Nowadays, access to reliable high-performance hardware and software resources without large capital outlays, easier access to applications and services, capability of handling large amounts of information have encouraged managers of companies to migrate to cloud computing. Cloud computing is a service-oriented technology that use both hardware and software to provide services through a network regardless of time and location.

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