Autotask Audit: CIO Priorities and the Importance of Collaboration

June 05, 2014  
Here’s a look at what’s happening this week in the world of ITSPs, MSPs and Enterprise IT departments.

ZDNet: CIO Priorities Are Different Around the World, But the Cloud is One Consistent Factor
By Colin Barker
China is focused on growth and has bigger budgets to drive it. For North America the big danger is complacency while in Latin America they are confident that they have the right strategies in place. In the UK and Ireland our focuses for growth are outsourcing and the cloud. These are some of the differences thrown up by the latest Gartner survey of CIOs which shows that while there are many different approaches taken to IT there are also similarities.

CIO: CIO-CFO Collaboration Critical for Advancing Federal IT
By Kenneth Corbin
At a time when government CIOs face rising expectations for IT services and frozen budgets, it's more critical than ever to forge partnerships to harness the technology portfolio so support the mission objectives, senior tech and finance officials said at a government conference on yesterday.

Midsize Insider: Cloud Computing Predictions Show Where IT's Focus Should Be
By Shawn Drew
There is little doubt that the cloud is on the rise, but in order to best take advantage of it over the long term, IT professionals require a bit more specificity when it comes to where the cloud will be within the next few years.

Business2Community: Out-Tasking: The Key to Getting Started in the Cloud
By Chris Patterson
IT leaders must pick a starting point for cloud adoption, and the decision becomes easier when they understand that leveraging cloud technology can take place incrementally, one task at a time. We call this approach “out-tasking,” which often begins by migrating small, low risk applications onto the cloud, where they can be easily tested, debugged and improved through an iterative approach.

ChannelPro Network: Managing Servers—Lessons from the Enterprise Data Center
By Jeff Klaus
Compared with their enterprise counterparts, IT teams supporting SMBs are typically more constrained by budget and headcount when asked to innovate around new opportunities. This interplay between doing additional, innovative work with fewer resources requires SMB teams to be smart, agile and knowledgeable.

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