Autotask Audit: Characteristics of Successful IT Pros and 6 Common Sales Mistakes

June 27, 2014  
Here’s a look at what’s happening this week in the world of ITSPs, MSPs and Enterprise IT departments.

IT World: 12 Characteristics of Successful IT Professionals
By Eric Bloom
What makes an IT person successful? I answered with the expected list of characteristics such as having a deep understanding of the technology, business acumen, being a team player, etc. Upon returning home two hours and a glass of wine later, his question still resonated with me. Upon deeper thought, I settled on these twelve attributes.

ChannelPro: 6 Common Managed Services Sales Mistakes
By Rich Freeman
Here’s a bit of comfort for managed service providers who have trouble getting sales right: You’re far from the only one. In fact, sales consultants who work regularly with channel pros say that most MSPs make the same sales-related mistakes. Here are six of the most common blunders.

CIO: CIOs Consider Putting a Price Tag on Data
By Kim S. Nash
We know in our gut that data has value. No company can run without it. But what is it really worth? As CEOs realize that data is an asset that can be exploited as a new source of revenue, they will start to ask CIOs about its financial potential.

Channel Insider: The Channel Rises to the Cloud Opportunity
By Michael Vizard
The more flexible solution providers are in terms of business models in the age of the cloud, the more likely they are to succeed. The channel, much like nature itself, abhors a vacuum. Like it or not, cloud computing is changing IT fundamentals in a way that is forcing solution providers of all sizes to make adjustments.

Network World: Gartner: IT leaders need to find their inner ferocious pack animal
By Ellen Messmer
Gartner analyst Tina Nunno, author of a book called “The Wolf in CIO’s Clothing,” wants IT leaders to find their inner ferocious pack animal not only to be able to snarl at enemies challenging them but to better inspire team cohesion through displays of power, and yes, cunning.

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