Autotask Audit: Declaring Technology Freedom and Empowering the Agile Enterprise

July 11, 2014  
Here’s a look at what’s happening this week in the world of ITSPs, MSPs and Enterprise IT departments.

CIO: It’s Time for IT Pros to Declare Their Technology Freedom
By Rob Enderle
Here in the U.S. we celebrate the 4th of July our day of independence signifying freedom. But we often seem happier when there is someone telling us what to do -- some person or vendor who takes away the burden of a decision and just makes it for us.

CloudTech: How cloud computing empowers the agile enterprise
By Staff Writer
Public cloud service adoption is already a mainstream phenomenon in most organizations. Meanwhile, many large enterprises see a private cloud in their future. But choosing whether to invest in building an internal cloud infrastructure or buy from a cloud service provider will become more challenging – in anticipation, savvy IT leaders are becoming brokers of dynamic business technology solutions.

Channel Insider: Hybrid Cloud Model to Remain Dominant in Next Few Years
By Michael Vizard
It's clear these days that cloud computing in all its flavors is now a mainstream part of IT. The biggest drivers of cloud computing adoption are scalability, cost and agility.

Computer Weekly: Moving to the cloud purely to save costs? Think again
By Archana Venkatraman
Organizations turning to the cloud with a sole intention of cost savings are the ones that are least happy with their cloud infrastructure and are the ones that are most likely to give up cloud adoption. A recent Cloud Industry Forum research found that in the UK, large enterprises showed highest rates of adoption, at just over 80% followed by small and medium businesses.

Tech Page One: Cloud computing changes small business
By Ian Clatworthy
Cloud computing means many different things to each business. Where one business simply uses cloud backup to secure its data off-site and prevent catastrophic loss, another business will exist fully in the cloud with everything from document management systems and customer relationship management (CRM) housing its entire digital operations.

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