Autotask LiveReports: Live Data from Real People for the Real World of IT

July 16, 2014  By Michelle Bournstein
I work closely with Autotask users to produce customized LiveReports on business intelligence that they use in day-to-day and strategic decision-making. I’ve learned a lot about LiveReports during my career as a consultant to IT service providers (ITSPs), and I consider it a unique and powerful performance-enhancing tool.

Some Autotask users aren’t aware of all of the capabilities of LiveReports, or — for a variety of reasons — don’t use them, so I’d like to touch on some of the capabilities that I think users would find most beneficial.

1. Formulas and Calculations
LiveReports handles many formulas and calculations in the same way an Excel spreadsheet or Access database would, so users can customize reports to provide deep operational insight into the processes that create unique value for their clients. Preconfigured reports that come packaged with systems might take less time, but they typically are not going to meet your unique analysis needs.

2. Automation and Accountability
Writing reports is a waste of time unless they influence action. Getting the right reports to the right people at the right intervals can be time consuming, and who is going to hold the report providers accountable? Report writing and publishing can be automated through LiveReports. You won’t hear “My report is going to be late this month,” or “I didn’t follow up because I never received the report,” again.

3. Comprehensive Access
If the data is in Autotask, it can be leveraged with LiveReports; so all of your crucial data is immediately available in real time for reports. You don’t have to locate, obtain and integrate data from multiple sources.

4. Flexible Reporting
As business needs change, reporting needs change. Different roles require different types of reports. LiveReports scales to these needs. For example, a lot of my work is based on how clients want to view their data in LiveReports. I might suggest using pivot tables, charts, and graphs to summarize the information but also provide the details for drilling down. Another example — internal resources may have some knowledge of creating LiveReports but face challenges with understanding all areas within Autotask. I can help bring that extra level of expertise based on my work in Autotask over the past five years.

The LiveReports feature sets Autotask apart from other business-management platforms. As an Autotask user, consider how you can use LiveReports to set your business apart.
Michelle Bournstein

Michelle Bournstein is an Autotask consultant and certified CCP at CFS. She focuses on business processes, system configurations, efficiencies and innovative practices. Michelle provides in-depth support, training, LiveReports development, and tangible deliverables that ensure success. She has been consulting in the industry for 16 years.

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