5 Tips to Avoid Sweating about IT this Summer

July 21, 2014  
It’s official, summer is upon us and the demand for IT is heating up faster than even the weather! IT is more in-demand now than ever before and according to Gartner worldwide IT spending is on track to reach $3.8 trillion this year.

Here are five ways to keep cool this summer when it comes to IT.
1. Align strategy with key executives.
Outlining and executing IT goals and initiatives is impossible without establishing clear lines of communication with your company’s CIO and other major business unit leaders. Work together to identify top business priorities and the role IT can play in supporting and realizing them. Once these goals are drawn in the sand, follow up regularly to make sure the strategy is on track.
2. Remember that IT providers know that security is king.
Security is a necessity in today’s business world and IT vendors are aware that security is a major priority. In fact, respondents to Autotask’s Metrics That Matter survey deemed it the top priority among their clients this year. Laying out clear concerns and expectations with your vendor will ensure that security be less of a headache for you in the summer months and beyond.
3. Redundancy, redundancy and backups.
The summer heat brings violent storms that can cut power and kill systems.  Make sure you have redundancy where you need it and that you not only have backups, but test them frequently to ensure they can be restored if you need them.
4. Reduce hassle and disruption with a clear change management plan of action.
Organizational change is never easy, but sometimes it’s necessary and can lead to positive business results in the long run. Whether your business is undergoing a routine system upgrade or a full-scale IT system change, manage the process with efficiency and transparency. Create a plan of action that clearly outlines the maintenance to be performed, along with associated costs and approvals that will come into play. Be transparent about this activity and the client-facing impact it will have.

5. Respond quickly and analyze data.
When it comes to IT issues response, every minute matters. Make communication a priority throughout the process to ensure the problem is solved as quickly as possible. Make a habit of reviewing each department’s history and needs to find ways to fix problems, even before they arise.

For more tips on keeping IT up and running smoothly this summer, check out the full slideshow on eWeek here. 

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