The Science of Making a Sale - Part 2

August 25, 2014  By Joe Rourke
Now that Joe Rourke, Director of Product Management at Autotask, has covered the “art side” of a good sale, let’s talk about the science of making a sale.

Taking a scientific approach means you base your decisions on facts. To get the facts, you need a process. Same goes for successful sales organizations. They know that a good sales process is crucial to be effective and achieve consistent sales success. Autotask’s Sales Process tool allows a sales organization to follow a clearly defined process.

In Part II, Joe provides an overview of the Sales Process tool, which integrates an organization’s sales process into the Autotask platform, allowing sales representatives to follow a standardized, proven and repeatable process to complete the steps to secure a deal.  The tool also enables the sharing of best practices and efficiencies via knowledge base links.

Joe Rourke
Director of Product Management

Joe has managed the Autotask core product roadmap for the past eight years. He has pioneered innovations such as the performance dashboards, which provide companies a visual view of their business to make fact-based decisions.

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