Autotask Audit: CEOs Look to IT Leaders and the IT Department as a Cloud-Aware Business

September 12, 2014  
Here’s a look at what’s happening this week in the world of ITSPs, MSPs and Enterprise IT departments.

eWeek: CEOs Look to IT Leaders for Future Success, Growth
By Nathan Eddy
Almost all CEOs and business owners believe their companies' IT departments will play critical roles in their businesses in 2015, a Modis survey found. CEOs believe IT will play a critical role in success, with company leaders and business owners trusting their IT senior leader.

CloudPro: How to run an IT department as a cloud-aware business
By Lesley Meall
Cloud is changing how organisations select, source and manage their information technology (IT) resources and what is expected of the chief information officer (CIO). As enterprise IT is increasingly a hybrid mix of on- and off-premise resources made up of private and public cloud implementations, the focus is moving from the delivery of hardware and software, to the services IT provides to the business, its customers, partners and employees.

ITworld: What to do before you call IT support: A checklist
By Melanie Pinola
We all encounter IT issues from time to time, whether it's your PC running slow or issues with the keyboard. Talking to tech support can be time-consuming, though, so before you make that lengthy call or engage in numerous back-and-forth emails, try some of the solutions suggested in this infographic.

InformationWeek: CIO Of The Future In One Word: Fast
By Laurianne McLaughlin
IT leaders from many industries lead conversations with me with the same word: speed. IT used to reward marathoners, people skilled at stewarding massive projects and plans over the course of years. But that version of the CIO role -- so respected as recently as say, 2008 -- now seems like a genteel, antiquated notion of yesteryear. Tomorrow's IT leaders will be talented sprinters and hurdlers.

ChannelInsider: Tech Decision-Makers See Cloud as Key to IT's future
By Gina Roos
Cloud computing is considered to be the future of IT, according to nearly nine in 10 respondents to a survey conducted by Evolve IP, a communications and cloud services company. Of 1,250 cloud decision-makers surveyed in North America, the biggest cloud believers (70 percent) hold C-level, vice president and IT director-level positions.

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