Autotask Audit: The Direction of Modern IT and Busted SaaS Myths

September 26, 2014  
Here’s a look at what’s happening this week in the world of ITSPs, MSPs and Enterprise IT departments.

Computerworld: Where is modern IT heading?
By Thorton May
Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead was once asked what the band's goal was. His response: “Our goal is to make the music only we can make.” Like so many other things, this sound bite got me thinking about IT. What is the value only enterprise IT can make?

InformationWeek: 5 SaaS Myths Busted
By Doug Henschen
The software-as-a-service (SaaS) market has come a long way. Or has it? Some myths persist despite years of evolution in SaaS adoption and deployment patterns. What are some of those popular myths that just won't go away?

ZDNet: Why it's time for the two-speed CIO
By Colin Barker
CIOs need to cozy up to the CFO to make sure that the thoughts of the IT department are incorporated at an earlier stage in strategic planning and budgeting processes. According to analyst group Gartner decisions are taken by senior management on issues that directly impact on IT, without IT being included in that process.

CIO: IT Leaders Aren't All Coming From Tech
By Sharon Florentine
The milestones along the traditional path to IT leadership look a lot like this: Earn a computer science degree, serve an IT internship, take development courses, gain coding experience, obtain certifications and sign up for management training specific to technology. However, as IT increasingly becomes a business strategy enabler, IT leaders are being promoted from places like the sales or marketing department.

Channel Pro UK: Channel conflicted over cloud services
By Clare Hopping
A survey by Canalys has revealed that 62 percent of partners don’t want to sell cloud services because they feel they are at conflict with providers who sell services direct. The report asked 352 channel partners about their attitudes towards selling the cloud and the majority said the threat of conflict was the biggest challenge.

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