Can You Spot A 'Cloud Poser?’

October 14, 2014  By Adam Stewart

With Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure now on the scene, it is very easy for IT vendors to claim to offer cloud-based services and applications.  The problem is, as the saying goes, “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.”

Don’t be tricked. Here are two key ways to tell if you’re working with a cloud pro or what we refer to as a “cloud poser”:

  1. How do they address availability/uptime inquiries? There’s a window of reality when it comes to uptime. If they’re claiming five nines of availability or greater, there’s a slim chance this is true. A real cloud pro has uptime in the three to four nines range.
  2. What’s their track record of unplanned outages over the past one to three years? If they don’t have it, this indicates availability isn’t a top priority.

Adam Stewart, Vice President of Engineering, shares his advice for spotting a cloud poser.

Adam Stewart
Vice President of Engineering
Adam is experienced in building and managing highly effective teams that produce relentless service and award-winning products that consistently delight customers. At Autotask he oversees engineering, which includes product development, quality assurance, documentation, help desk and data center operations.

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