Autotask Audit: Finding IT Talent and the Pace of Cloud Adoption

November 07, 2014  
Here’s a look at what’s happening this week in the world of ITSPs, MSPs and Enterprise IT departments.

InformationWeek: The IT Talent Shortage Debate
By Laurianne McLaughlin
Talk to employers and job hunters about the state of the IT talent market, and you hear two words repeatedly: speed and pain. IT leaders must staff projects quickly, often requiring specialized skills that most job hunters -- especially generalists or those looking to change tech tracks -- don't have.

The Wall Street Journal: Big Data vs. Privacy
By Alex Karp and Kira Radinsky
Big data is a concept that’s reshaping how companies and governments do business. What it means for privacy can be tough to understand. To get a clearer picture, The Wall Street Journal’s Jonathan Krim spoke with two executives on the leading edge of data analytics.

CIO: 6 Ways to Attract and Retain Female IT Talent
By Sharon Florentine
Women are good for business. While there's no magic formula businesses can use to shrink the (still abysmal) gender gap in technology, there are some concrete steps you can take to recruit, hire and retain female tech talent.

InfoWorld: Cloud expected to make up three-fourths of data center traffic by 2018
By Sharon Gaudin
Over the next four years, data center traffic is expected to nearly triple, largely thanks to a booming cloud computing industry. That’s according to Cisco’s fourth annual Global Cloud Index, which predicts that the cloud will account for 76 percent of total data center traffic by 2018.

Midsize Insider: Data Security Remains Top Cloud Computing Technology Concern
By Marissa Tejada
Firms of all sizes are evaluating the kind of virtualized storage that is best for them. But as cloud computing technology grows in popularity — yielding new software, servers and backup systems — security remains a top concern.

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